Among Us Games

Among Us Games is among the most popular indie games on Steam today. Despite this popularity, few people outside of gaming circles know about it. And even among those who do, most people are unaware of what it actually offers. So, for the uninitiated, I will discuss the basics of Among Us Games:

Among Us Games is a multiplayer browser game that puts you in the shoes (or rather, the impostors) of a CEO. The game remains incredibly popular on Twitch, where over a thousand people have joined since 2021. When an indie game developer made an update to the original version last summer, it barely received any attention. However, when an anonymous multiplayer game developer made an update to the original version again last summer, it suddenly became one of the most talked about things on Steam.

You play the role of an impostor in Among Us Games as you try to run a shipping company while avoiding the scams and theft that plague your competitors. Players assume the role of an impostor because the game is actually all about impersonating someone else to do a job for you. For example, in one scenario you might be the CEO of a large corporation who’s desperately trying to improve employee satisfaction and build loyalty.

In order to do that, he assigns his best (and least incompetent) employees to different departments to go and work with the other team members in the office. Unfortunately, the department that you’re supposed to work with isn’t interested in working with anyone but you. So your only option is to pretend to be them. This includes acting depressed and rude whenever you meet with employees. Meanwhile, the other team members are happy to work with you because they feel like you’re just another leader who’s in control of their own destiny instead of someone who’s obviously out to prove them right.

In this game, there are many situations where you have to fake your personality so that you can boost the morale of your team members. There’s also the aspect of providing gifts to your staff for various reasons such as letting them choose an item from a catalog or give a gift certificate to a local store. However, once you give these gifts to your employees, you need to keep track of who got what. If anyone tries to claim that they didn’t get any gift, then you have to prove otherwise. This becomes more complicated if you have multiple staff members. It gets really difficult to keep track of everyone’s gifts.

To avoid all this hassle, the game developer Omiya Games has included a staff member tracking system in their new game Among Us Games: Team Manager. This game is part of their My Lucky Star series of online games. The game has some great features that have won the hearts of people from different ages. You can play the game for free right now at their website, and you can experience the fun and excitement of playing the game with your friends and family right here.