Popular Stickman Games

If there’s one game on YouTube that should earn the designation of “portable gaming icon,” it would definitely be Stickman. If you like your online flash games engaging and story-driven, then Stickman is for you. If you like pure fun, then this game is the game for you! In either case, this is one game that won’t disappoint.

The most popular Stickman games are undoubtedly the series, first launched in 2021: The Stickman Game. This series has been a huge cult hit, played regularly by many Youtubers simply for your entertainment. The story is an entertaining action spoof, based on the decisions you make throughout. There are seven episodes in total, each with their own storyline, music, and special endings.

The second of the most popular stickman games on YouTube is called, The Movie Stickman. It is a pure comedy game based on the well-known animated film. In the game, you control an underhanded stick figure, and you must swing and maneuver the character through the level. It is, unfortunately, completely unnecessary to actually achieve anything in the game, aside from earning points that you can use to unlock new characters (such as, President Obama). However, the sheer silliness of the whole concept is what makes it so popular.

Stickman Ultimate is another extremely popular game from YouTube’s stickman games category. In this game, you play as an angry, anti-heroic character who hates God and everything Christian. He is also angry at America, the Bible, and anyone who considers themselves “Christian.” As you play through the game, you’ll learn more about this angry, foul character. He is not without his flaws; in fact, some of the things he does are downright ruthless and even illegal. But, he fights to keep America free and to avenge those who’ve been mistreated or otherwise abused by Americans.

Last but not least, is the Stickman Charming Game. This is another stick figure game where you control a beautiful lady who, while attempting to save the world, is constantly being attacked by monsters. Like the previous two games, it does not have much in the way of storyline, but it is fun to see Stickfigure America going toe to toe with the demons from hell. As you do, you’ll learn more about the origins of Stickman and, most importantly, have you drawing lines in just the right places to make the enemies want to attack her.

These are three of the best stickman games you can play. Each one tells a different story that is based on American history. They are funny, engaging and, most of all, have you used your imagination to fight the good fight against the villains. There is nothing else in the city to distract you from your cause to rid humanity of evil.